Steven McTainsh

Hi! I'm Steven McTainsh, an iOS and web developer that loves building awesome digital experiences.

I'm hugely passionate about building mobile apps and websites that are intuitive and delightful to use. Throughout my career, I've led - and contributed to - the development of many mobile and web projects: BNZ Mobile Banking, ThreeNow, Newshub, Rova and TVNZ OnDemand to name a few.

As a senior developer, I bring proven leadership, with a positive and pragmatic attitude. I'm outcome-focussed, with an eye for detail and always consider the bigger picture solution - from both a business and technical point-of-view. A big advocate for collaboration, I love ensuring teams have the right platform and tools to support their success.

I'm also an experienced freelance web developer, building custom content management systems, blogs and e-commerce solutions for clients worldwide.

In my spare time, I love tinkering with technology, listening to music, video editing, and showcasing the adorable Betty and Ned on Instagram.

I've contributed to some really cool projects.

My skill set covers iOS and web.

Get in touch with me.